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iPlan Online Security

If you plan to take online credit-card orders or request other sensitive personal information from your Web customers, you'll need to protect their data. iPlan's basic hosting services include a shared secure socket layer (SSL) digital certificates from GoDaddy, which allow this information to be encrypted and communicated in a secure manner. Our custom hosting pachages include digital certificates for your own domain from Commodo, GoDaddy, GeoTrust or Versign. Unique domain digital certificates require a unique IP address which is only available with our custom hosting packages.

We support digital certificates from 3 certificate authorities so you can choose the combination of certificates and/or payment gateways that best fits your needs. Each vendor has strengths. Their unique verification proceedures for issuing certificates, renewal policies and bundled product suites make each one worth considering.

InstantSSL from Comodo

Secure your webserver and conduct safe e-commerce over the Internet with the most cost effective SSL Certificates you can buy. Our SSL Certificates are compatible with 99.3% of browsers making them as equally trusted as Certificates from Verisign and Thawte. The SSL Certificates range has varying warranties, features and pricing - ranging from entry level $49 to professional level $119.

Secure Site from Verisign

SSL certificates are ideal for securing Web sites, intranets and extranets. Each Secure Site solution delivers:

  • Powerful SSL encryption for securing your customers' sensitive information during online transactions

  • Industry-leading business identity authentication

  • VeriSign's Secure Site Seal, one of the most recognized trust marks on the Internet

Choose Secure Site Pro to ensure the maximum number of Web site visitors will receive powerful 128-bit SSL encryption, the strongest encryption available. No other SSL certificate can provide a higher level of encryption to any Web site visitor than Secure Site Pro.

Because using SSL can slow down communication with the server, you'll want to use the secure server only when necessary. Your customer will be able to tell when a form is secure because the URL will begin with "https" instead of "http."

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