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iPlan Unlimited Policy

What does "Unlimited Disk Space" and "Unlimited Bandwidth" mean?

The hosting platform is designed to host websites, web applications and databases. However, unlimited disk space and bandwidth does not necessarily mean unlimited usage. We do not allow you to use our hosting platform for file storage or strictly for the purpose of exploiting our bandwidth.

What that means is that if you use your hosting plan for normal website and application purposes, you're fine. But if you use your hosting plan to store your entire movie collection, chances are we're going to ask you to stop doing that.

Here is a "not all-inclusive" list of things we typically do not allow:

  • Storing files not intended for use with the website, especially audio and video files.

  • Using your plan for the purpose of uploading, sharing, backing up or distributing files, especially audio, video and large quantities of image files.

  • Storing content you don't have the rights to use or distribute.

  • Using the website solely for the purpose of driving traffic to another website or websites.

Since this list is NOT all-inclusive, if you suspect that what you're doing is questionable, just assume that it probably isn't allowed. Contact our support team and we'll let you know what we think. If your disk space and bandwidth usage are related to running your website (and the site doesn't fall into the category of "things we don't allow"), the chances are good that we can work with you.

We reserve some rights here:

However, we must reserve the right to restrict disk space or bandwidth use in cases where our system administrators determine action is necessary to ensure the continuing health of a server or our network. If this happens to you, please contact support to help us resolve the issue.

Last updated August 19, 2014.

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