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WebAdmin Features

iPlan Support

Banner Ad Management
When you're ready to build and use banner ads you can use this tool to manage campaigns, ad placement in your website and rotation. The system provides veiw and click through statistics, multiple campaigns and a wieghting method that allows you to control how frequently ads are displayed. Banner ads can also be used to display design elements throughout the site. This gives the user a fresh look when they navigate through your site.

The .asp tags used to make this work in your website aren't automatically installed within your pages. For more on interactive advertising, banner file sizes, limitations, dimensions and more visit the Internet Advertising Bureau at www.iab.net.

Calendar Management
Add your upcoming events and a short description or details and forget it. When the date comes and goes it will be automatically dropped from the calendar page or other listings within your website. You can add recurring events using copy event and can set times and contact information. You can also use HTML to add links to other pages like press releases or web sites. Because the tags used to display calendar and event information are very flexible, the calendar items and calendar page can be structured in many ways depending on your needs.

New Releases
An easy to use, fill-in-the-blanks application for creating press releases without HTML. The 'Release Date' field allows you to create press releases for future release. It's also a handy way to keep a template you like handy for later. For more information about press releases you can visit press-release-writing.com.

Content Manager
This is an extensive application that allows you to create and then organize content into categories. Web pages can be set up using .asp tags to display content and use the categories as a menu. We recommend some knowledge of HTML to effectively use Content Manager.

Newsletter Admin
Current law dictates that email lists are to be "opt-in". This means people need to sign up for email lists. With this application you can gather name, address, email address, phone, and even get customized feedback about how they found you or what kind of information they would like. With Newsletter Admin getting ready-to-use email address groups and mailing labels is a snap.

WebPoll Management
When you have this application added to a web page it becomes an instant polling machine. Sure, it isn't scientific, but you get to dream up the questions and answers.

Give WebAdmin a test drive by click on the link supplied below:

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