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Issues Sending Email and ISP Blocking

If you are having problem sending emails, make sure you are certain you have followed the instructions for setting up your email client to sendmail, including checking the "my server requires authentication" check box. The other possibility could be your ISP.

Most ISP's block sendmailís default port of 25.

To correct this problem simply, configure your SMTP settings to use your ISP's SMTP settings.

The following links are websites that has a list of known ISP that block the use of third-party smtp servers.

The list:

Earthlink Internet service: smtp.earthlink.net

MSN Internet service: smtp.email.msn.com

Verizon Internet service: outgoing.verizon.net

Qwest Internet service: pop.dnvr.qwest.net

OPTOnline Internet service: mail.optonline.net

SBC Internet service: smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com

SCB (Pacbell): mail.pacbell.net

SCB (SBC Global): smtp.sbcglobal.net

Comcast Internet service: smtp.comcast.net

At&T Broadband Internet service: mail.attbi.com

NetZero: smtp.netzero.com

RCN: smtp.rcn.com

DSLExtreame: smtp.dslextreme.com

MegaPath: mail.megapathdsl.net

Cable One: mail.cableone.net

XO Communication: mail.njd.xo.com

Cox Internet: Find your SMTP server based on your State:

Cox Internet State-specific SMTP server names.

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